About Us

Who We Are

Level Designs is a subsidiary of Intelligence Systems Sdn Bhd, an MSC status company in Malaysia offering services on Systems Designs & Development, Smart Education Solutions and R&D in Emerging Teaching and Learning Technologies.
We aim to build Responsive Web design and Solutions to grow your businesses. 
We know how important digitalization is to businesses, mainly to the small to medium enterprises. We strive to build an ecosystem between Websites, Social Media platforms so that businesses can grab more opportunities on digital platforms.

Our Story

Level Designs was founded on principles of High standards, Ethics, and Genuine Customer service.
Intelligent Systems Sdn Bhd have been in the technology sector since 1984. We care about our Work, our Clients and Users.
We look forward to learn more about your business and build a Tailored Solutions to your needs. 
We’ll walk this journey together with you during the Building phase, Launch, Training, Maintenance and Warranty.
With our Attractive prices, We Aim to provide Solutions to Small Medium Enterprises with Website Development, Digital Marketing and Branding.

Web Design & Solutions


About Level Designs

Level Designs is a subsidiary company of Intelligent Systems Sdn Bhd. Our Core Business are built around Technology solutions in the Education sector but due to the pandemic we needed to adapt.

We saw the opportunity that most businesses are taking their operations online. We at Level Designs would love to help these businesses in this process, to increase business growth.

The purpose of creating a website is to have an online presence, so that businesses are able to reach out to a larger target audience. We are here to provide these solutions, so that you could focus on running on your business.

Let us walk through with you on this journey together.

Our Vision

We Aim to provide the Ultimate Web Experience for our Clients and their Users.

Our Mission

We aim to help Companies take their Brand presence online. We aim to provide modern responsive Website Designs, Solutions & Automation so that client’s can focus on what they do best: building and growing their business. By doing so, we treat every client’s website with care. 

Are You Ready to Grow with Us?

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