Booking Solutions

An Online Booking Solutions for all service based industries.

Here at Level Designs, we are here to help you list your services and providers, display their availability from multiple locations to ensure your clients will get the smoothest experiences while booking. Service industry such as Yoga booking, Personal Trainer booking, Beauty Salons & Hair Studios booking, Spa & Massage booking, Private Clinics & Dentistry booking would highly benefit from this.

online booking solutions

Your One-Stop Solution for Service Businesses

Yoga Practitioners & Centres

Create Class Schedules, have multiple trainers on your website, integrate seamlessly with zoom, organize your online yoga classes seamlessly.

Gym & Personal Trainers

Schedule all your classes online such as BodyPump, Zumba, BodyCombat, Yoga classes, Pilates and many more! Assign multiple trainers on the platform for specific classes.

Lawyers & Professionals

Schedule Meetings, list of Services & Professions while collecting upfront payment or down payment before meetings.

Spa & Massage centres

Simplify bookings & avoid confusions through phone calls. A booking platform to simplify your receptionist task for your Spa & Massage salon.

Beauty Salons & Hair Studios

Enable customers to pick their Stylists & Services online at their convenient time. Collect payment upfront & reminders for both Stylists & Customers.

Private Clinics & Dentistry

Appointment Scheduling, Services catalog, Collecting online payments.

Focus on your work, and forget about having to pay assistants

At Level Designs our Booking Solutions will fully automate the interaction between both potential and current customers, helping them pick the right Services and Employees, taking care of the payments online, real-time SMS & E-mail reminders for the Customers and Employees for booked, cancelled or rescheduled appointments.

Therefore, you can focus on the important work instead of interrupting your flow to write down appointments. With our booking platform you can eliminate entirely the secretary for answering phone calls for booking or reservations.

An array of Functions in our Booking Solutions

  • Multiple Employees Support
  • Zoom & Google Meet Integration
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Create one-off Events
  • Filter & Search Interface of Services & Employees
  • Configure Business Hours of both businesses & Employees
  • Secured Online Payment.
  • SMS & Email Notifications
  • Add Photos to personalized services
  • Multiple location for larger businesses
  • Customer & Employee Panel to book or reschedule appointments
  • Multiple interface for bookings such as Catalog, List, Calender view

Seamless Mobile Experience

At this point of time, many consumers have made the switch from using a traditional computer to browse online to using a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet. A study revealed that 69.4% of internet users make purchases on their mobile devices.

By going online, you’ll be able to gather customer’s Data for Future Campaigns. By having a better understanding of Consumers / Customers behaviour, this would help you to avoid guesses and Reduce wastage on advertising.

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