Freelancers & Agency Portfolio Website

A Portfolio website for every Freelancers & Agencies

The ultimate purpose of a Portfolio website is to provide additional way for you to land more clients. You should decide what you want to accomplish with your website before adding content to it.

A Portfolio Website is an extension of a Freelancer’s or Company’s Work & Accomplishments. It is a convenient way for potential clients to view your work while allowing you to upsell your services, which in return would bring in more business for You or your Agency. Photographers, Florists, Wedding planners, Make Up Artists and many more would greatly benefit from this.

Create an “About Me” page.

Writing an “About Me” page or section for yourself is never easy. However, the good news is, at Level Designs we will guide you on how to make an “About Me” page that leaves an impression, as it is the next most frequent page of a Website! 

It’s an ideal way to promote your professional brand and yourself as an authority.

Potential clients, employers, and others can go to your “About Me” page to learn more about you.



Testimonials. Their Story, are your stories

Potential Clients are interested about your current Client’s Testimonials. Testimonials are so important it is because they help create a deeper, more emotional appeal for your branding.

Here are some statistics

  • According to one study, the regular use of customer testimonials can help you generate roughly sixty-two percent more revenue not only from every customer but from every time they visit your brand.
  • Ninety-two percent of people said that they read testimonials when considering a purchase.
  • A further eighty-eight percent of consumers said that they trusted these reviews just as much as personal recommendations, according to the same study.
  • To top it off, seventy-two percent of those who responded to the survey in question said that positive reviews and testimonials helped them trust a business significantly more.

Create a “Blog” page.

Write about your insights and experiences. Introduce your personality, expertise, and knowledge in posts which will add value to your web portfolio and bring new visitors to the website.

  • It will help keep your audience updated about your business
  • Boost your local SEO
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Develop new sales funnels
  • Create an endless supply of content for other platforms

Automate through Booking. Save time, so you can Focus on the bigger things

Your customers want a convenient, fast and easy to use experience when it comes to making an appointment for Photoshoots for both Actual Day and Pre-Wedding, Make Up Artist on Actual Day or Floral Arrangements for Weddings & Events. Much as we have all come to expect thanks to the proliferation of online services and mobile devices into our everyday lives.

Given that majority of Users owns a smart phone, it really doesn’t take too much of a leap to understand that if we present them with a simple, single-step process to make a booking, they will be more likely to the book with you, than the company down the road still reliant on their website’s contact form.

If you’re a Photographer, Florists, Wedding planner, Make Up Artist feel free to Click here to know more.

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