Online Learning platform

e-Learning Platform

Online learning has become one of the most sought mediums to learn something new during the pandemic. This cloud-based solution has not only made the processing of the content easier and also eased the accessibility. Today, content creation can be accessed in any part of the world. Many businesses recognize that building their own Online Learning Platform is a profitable endeavour.

Provide potential students a better learning experience through your website. Include both lessons & tutorials so that students can from individual lecturer through zoom or provide them the option to learn from your website without any lecturer’s interaction, this would save you a ton of time and focus your time on things that is important.

Why an Online Learning Platform?

No two students have the same pace of learning. Online learning platforms allow them to go through some topics faster or take more time to study the more challenging ones.

An online learning platform creates the flexibility for students, unlike traditional classroom environments. This in return will attract many learners, especially those with full-time jobs.

With an online learning platform you can sign up for multiple courses at once, which allows students to acquire more than one skill simultaneously.

According to Brandon Hall, e-Learning requires 40-60% less time from a student than learning in a traditional classroom.

It is cost effective for both the Organisation (Less hires) and Students. Online courses are much cheaper than traditional classroom courses. What is more, students do not have to travel from a different city, pay for accommodation and transportation.

Today many schools, universities, and other educational institutions are switching to the remote learning format. Quarantine forced us to change our way of life and adhere to social distancing.

e-Learning will continue to Grow

According to the statistics, the E-Learning market is going to reach 300 billion globally by 2025(

Few of the  factors responsible for shaping growth of e-Learning in the academic and corporate environment include fast-paced advancements in Internet technology including high-speed internet access, bandwidth expansion, and launch of 5G networks; e-Learning service innovations; development new and potent e-Learning technologies; rapid penetration of smartphones and tablets and increase use of the same for education supported by digitalizing lifestyles of consumers; falling mobile data and fixed line internet tariffs and the ensuing robust rise in Internet users

Automate your e-Learning Platform

Avoid tremendous texts of inquiry of course, qualification for courses, refunds, bargaining of prices and many more  through our e-Learning Platform solutions. 

Students are able to see relevant information on your Website to make a sound decision on participating your courses. 

Lecturers that are hired by you are able to upload their courses online without your intereference if you want to. 

With the automation involving both Lecturers & Students, there will be free time to focus on much more important tasks and growing your Business.

User Profiles

Student profile page

  • A basic info page, history of purchase and profile settings.
  • A dashboard for students to have their own individual page for courses or lessons that they have signed up with.
  • Students will be able to continue where they have left off from the courses or lessons.

Teacher profile page

  • A basic info page, history of purchase and profile settings.
  • Course creations and updates. This will allow teachers to create their own courses and edit them as they see fit.
  • A dashboard, this allows teachers to keep track of the courses they have uploaded, number of people participating and view their quiz/examination scores.

Admin profile page

  • Add, edit, remove users
  • Add, edit, remove courses
  • Statistic reports
  • Manage notifications for both students and teachers

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