Ordering Solutions

Providing the Best Ordering Experience to your Customers today!

At Level Designs we aim to provide Restaurant with a seamless Online Ordering Experience for your Customers.

We aim to transform your website into a Money-Making Machine. Power your Business with our Online Ordering System without having to worry about Markups in Fees & Commissions for every Orders.

Our Online Ordering Solutions comes with a Secured Credit Card Payment for the Convenience and a Peace of Mind for your  Customers.

Eliminate Endless Orders through Messaging.

Ordering through a Messenger could be both Tiresome and Tedious for Customers & the Person in Charge of taking the orders.

Our Online Ordering Solutions ensure customers orders at the right prices and there’s less room for ERROR when it comes to Online Payments.

That’s because customers would pick an item on a menu with the listed price, ensuring that the exact amount will be paid.

This greatly benefits your business by having less incorrect charges and less time wasted sorting out those mistakes.

Users and Sales are projected to Grow over the years

According to the theaseanpost, that User Growth are projected to grow over the years, so take this opportunity to be part of it and grow your sales.

According to upserve, 20% of consumers say that they spend more on off-premise orders compared to regular dine-in.

As the new normal progresses, Online Ordering & payments are becoming accepted. Our menu menu and payment system are hassle-free to your regular customers will be recommending you to their friends and sharing on social media.

With our Online Ordering platform, Restaurants can encourage Users to Spend more by using our Non-intrusive upselling features, adding more food to their orders.

Reasons to have a Website for Restaurant

Google is usually the first place for potential customers to look at. Not having a Website is equvalent to not having your business listed on a phonebook in the olden days.

A website allows you to present yourself, your brand, and your food to potential diners, rather than letting that all be filtered through the experiences of others.

Printing Ads and online Commercials can be very expensive. With a Website you’ll be able to display an endlress amount of information at a fraction of the cost. The information that you have will be available 24/7 to anyone with an internet access.

A Website provides basic information to your customers about your restaurant including operational hours, directions, payment methods and more. By addressing these basic questions, you can decrease the amount of time your staffs need to spend answering phone calls. You can also keep customers aware of any promotions, such as holiday or monthly menus, lunch deals and many more.

Commisions for such platforms are close to 30%! Cut-off the middleman and have your own Online Delivery platform. Provide a seamless Online Ordering Platform to your Customers to increase Sales!

The Menu(Food) and price point are probably the two Important factors a potential guest considers before making a reservation. Without any information about the Menu or your prices, most customers will simply move on and choose a competitor who gives them a clear idea of what to expect.

Having a Booking System can improve your Customers experience tremendously by knowing which time of the day is available at your Restaurant. It will eliminate precious time lost of your Manager or Staff by taking calls for booking and looking for the available time slot.

Promote other services such as offering Catering, Private events, and even Weddings! 

Seamless Mobile Experience

At this point of time, many consumers have made the switch from using a traditional computer to browse online to using a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet. A study revealed that 69.4% of internet users make purchases on their mobile devices.

By going online, you’ll be able to gather customer’s Data for Future Campaigns. By having a better understanding of Consumers / Customers behaviour, this would help you to avoid guesses and Reduce wastage on advertising.

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