Website Maintenance

Giving you the Peace of mind with our Website Maintenance.

Here at Level Designs, We would like you to get the best out of your website with our team of professionals. Ensuring that your Websites run smoothly.

Keep up to date Content with our Website Maintenance packages.

Our Website Maintenance services ensures that your Websites Content is up to date. Attracting new and returning customers with fresh contents & ideas. Rank highly on Google with Fresh contents, Optimize Website loading speeds & protected with our Secured softwares.

What's included in our Maintenance Packages

Each Updates take up to a maximum of 2 man hours, anything beyond that will be charged on a 15minutes block at a charged rate at RM100 an hour.

We will be providing Zoom calls support once you have submitted your ticket to help you address your issues.

Just like having an extra tire, a website backup can help you recover your website after a security incident. It’s important to have website security tools in place to protect your site from hackers, or to detect if a hacker has gained entry to the site.

Improve features of softwares, the quality of the code and most importantly keeping your website secure.

This protects your Website from Malware & Brute force attacks & hacking attempts. A security breach can cause some serious issue & we would like to avoid that for our customers.

As new contents & software are updated on to the website. Optimizing your website would take some time & effort, this in return would enable you to rank higher on Google, because Google prefers faster loading websites.

Broken links are bad for your Users & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) we would like to avoid that.

As new contents are created, SEO is done on that particular page and in return this helps your website become more discoverable. When potential customers search terms related to your brand, they’ll have a better chance of discovering your website and becoming a customer.

We have 2 comprehensive plans to meet your needs.

Hourly Rates Maintenance package

Hourly Rates Maintenance package is charged at RM150 an hour.

At Level Designs our charges is spent on 15minute blocks. If the project takes 30minutes to complete, that would cost you RM75 in total.

Monthly Rates Maintenance package

Hourly Rates Maintenance package is charged at RM300 per month.

Up to 2 updates a month. Each updates consist of 2 man hours. Anything beyond that we will be charging at RM100 an hour. 

A discount of 30% in total will be given to client’s that have their Website built with us.