An Array of Web Based Solutions

At Level Designs, a Web Design Agency who aims to offer Web Based Solutions and IT-enabled services at Reasonable Prices.
Brand Engagements are important and that is why a Responsive Website on multiple platforms will help with User Exeperiences.
Generate higher conversation rates across all devices such as Mobile, Desktop and Tablet devices.
Creating a seamless experience for your customers while browsing your website.

Website designs with User Flow in mind
E-Commerce Solutions
Online Course platform
Easy to use CMS platform
Personal Profile page
Cloud Hosting
Search Engine Optimization
Memberships & Booking platform

Take your Business to the next Level with our Digital Agency

We build Websites that Scales just like your Business. 
The Websites that we build are Secured with a Firewall, Fast Loading, SEO Optimized,
Responsive to all Devices for a better User Experience & User Interface.
We have ready made Solutions to your Problems  & Automation tools.

Web Based Solutions Digital Agency

Responsive Web design

Dynamic Web designs with compatibility on both Mobile and Desktop Browser.

Design with Users in mind

At Level Designs we see ourselves as an Expert in designing an Engaging Website with User Experience & User Interface in mind. By knowing your audience, we are able to create a Website leaving Users connected to your Brand which helps in Engagements & Conversions.

Optimize Your Website Performance

We will provide your with the best Technology has to offer for your Website, powered by LiteSpeed Technology that helps loading times. We aim to provide a site loading speed of under 3 seconds that would keep your Users Engage.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website’s structure with friendly-SEO features. Your Website’s structure, speed and performance are analyzed by Google’s crawler hence it is important to have these friendly-SEO features backed with high quality content, we will work hand in hand to increase your website’s visibility on Google.

Social media Integration

Create better engagement by forwarding your customers to your Social Media platform.

Solutions & Features

We aim to provide Solutions to your every needs such as Booking Platforms, Services Listings, Membership Platforms, Flow Charts for Cost estimation, Secured Payment Platform, Subscription Services, Food Take-Away / Delivery for Restaruants & many more.

Secured Platform for a Safer Shopping Experience

We take your website’s Security seriously. Transactions provided on our website are encrypted, We will never settle for average Website Security that jeopardizes your Customer’s transaction. All of our Websites are encrypted with SSL that helps protect sensitive data of your Users.

Maintenance & Back Ups

Your Website comes with a Year warranty when designed by us. To keep it up & running We ensure all of our Client’s Websites are maintained well & performing optimally.

Spend Time on Doing What You Love

Focus on your Business and let us handle the rest. Building your Websites and
Digital Marketing is what we do best for our clients.
Once Clients have agreed upon the design of the website, it would take up to 9 business days for completion depending on the scale of the project.

Our Digital Agency Process

web based solutions

Connect with Us

Share with us about your ideas and concepts through Online or a Meet-Up . We’ll provide the best options for your needs. 

digital agency

Building Solutions

Finding the right Solutions to your website together. 

website designer

Project Onboarding

Work together with our talented team on your projects. Frequent updating on the progress.

website designer

Project Delivery

After completion. Trainings will be provided to fully understand and be able to fully operate the Website and Solutions.

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